Home Improvements

Your home improvement project can be anything you want it to be

Premier Home Improvement Contractor

Give your home a fresh, new look without stretching your budget by choosing Authentic Carpentry, LLC for your number one home improvement contractors. Whatever your definition of “beautiful” is for your home, our skilled team will take the steps necessary to achieve your desired look. Home updates can go beyond aesthetics to include updates to your layout to improve traffic flow, the creation of more storage space, and even the addition of a new deck or the conversion of a traditional porch to one that’s screened in.

Your home improvement project can be anything you want it to be

Best Home Improvements with No Stress

Because of our comprehensive project planning assistance, there will be no surprises as your project is completed. While working, we’ll make every effort to minimize disruptions. We view each project as a partnership. No decisions will be made without your approval, and you’ll always have access to our team throughout the duration of your home improvement project.

All work will include:

  • Quality materials from trusted manufacturers
  • Meticulous planning and execution
  • Diligent oversight from reliable project managers


Turning ordinary into the best home improvement project is what we do every day at Authentic Carpentry, LLC. What we can do for you is turn your house into a home that fits your current lifestyle and needs. Give us a call today to get started with an estimate.