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Authentic Carpentry, LLC is a Philadephia general contracting company which is family owned and operated, so we totally understand the motivation for providing the finest shelter and residence for any family. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure that the end result is an accurate reflection of your needs and desires, and every detail is just the way you envisioned it. Regardless of the style or the look that you have in mind, we are one of the best construction companies in Philadelphia for helping you achieve exactly what you’re looking for, and we can make it all happen on time and on budget.

Why Are We a Top Construction Company in Philadelphia?

Our approach to building custom homes in Philadelphia is strongly centered around just plain listening, rather than talking and trying to convince you of something you don’t necessarily need. By listening first and keeping in mind every idea that you’re trying to accomplish, we can translate the entire concept into a reality that will be a legitimate representation of what you really want. Not many companies will tell you that one of their greatest skills is listening, but at Authentic Carpentry, LLC, that’s exactly what we do best.                 Philadelphia Custom Home

Once we’ve heard all your ideas, we can help you fine-tune those ideas into workable building processes, and we can help you arrive at a layout and design which is not only satisfactory but which will thrill you as well. As the actual construction progresses, we’ll keep you informed of everything that’s happening, so you can see the home take shape right before your eyes. When your Philadelphia custom home completed, you’ll have a dream home that epitomizes your original vision in a beautiful way that you may not have thought was possible – and it will be a well-built home for the ages.

Philadelphia General Contractors

Although building custom homes in Philadelphia is our specialty, we also have the skills and the knowledge to carry out a number of other general contracting tasks for residential clients. Our team is always prepared to help you with any remodeling projects or home renovations that you might have in mind, whether it’s a kitchen/bathroom project, or something a little more unusual, like expanding your living space into a great room. Even an exterior paint job is well within our area of expertise, and we’ll be glad to help provide a fresh, new look to your home’s exterior.

Home additions in Philadelphia are another area of general contracting which is expertly delivered by our Authentic Carpentry, LLC specialists. Your family may be adding a new member, or the current members may simply be growing up and in need of more space, and we can help you increase your overall Philadelphia custom home by installing a brand new room to your home. You may be considering a new deck to beautify your yard and add outdoor functionality during the warm seasons of the year, and we are the Philadelphia contractors you should work with to help you realize your dreams in that regard as well.

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We know you have many choices when it comes to custom-building your Philadelphia home, but we feel that our two decades in the home construction business gives us a leg up on other Philadelphia home builders. When you add in the fact that our entire team is very well well trained, and always delivers prompt, courteous service, we think that puts us a little further ahead. Then consider that we use only the best materials of the highest quality and that all adds up to a winning formula. Contact us today so we can discuss your plans for a new custom home in the Philadelphia area.